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Make an Impact Today!


In Hong Kong, people spend an averagely of 10-12 hours working per day. Taking out the 8 hours sleep time, that’s 75% of our very limited time!


****Let me ask you a question ****

To you, is working just about making money?

Or it could also be meaningful with fulfillment and having a positive impact on others’ life.

*****Be a K.P.I can do!*****


What is K.P.I?

It’s Kids & Parents Influencer!

Basically, your job is to educate and influence our kids (age 4-12) positively with our specially designed program through cooperation with their parents.



*Good communication skills with high patience

*Positive and Fun

*Love Kids

Our goal is simple. We want every kid to be kind, creative, and confident. 

****Side Note**** 
You do NOT have to quit your job for this, you can do it on the side. It’s all project-based (Your time, Your place!) and details can be further discussed. We care about finding the right person than other matters. 


If you are highly interested, submit your application now!

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